Brethren have been worshipping on the current site of the Chiques Church of the Brethren since 1856, when the Stern’s or Chiques Creek Meetinghouse was erected. This simple structure was replaced in 1882 with a more substantial white frame “love feast house,” which included kitchen facilities to prepare food for the semi-annual love feast services.

Brethren in the area originally were part of the White Oak congregation, but in 1868 Chiques was organized into a separate congregation. The Chiques congregation grew steadily during the latter decades of the 19th century, and by the turn of the century had grown to about 700 members. After several years of discussion, in 1902 the congregation divided, forming daughter churches at East Fairview, Elizabethtown, and West Green Tree. The Chiques congregation continued on with 211 members, and eventually alternated worship between meetinghouses at Chiques and Mount Hope.

By the mid-1900s the congregation again was experiencing growing pains. In 1954 Chiques converted the white frame meetinghouse into a more substantial brick structure that included a larger sanctuary, a basement fellowship hall and a narthex with a few small children’s Sunday school rooms. Services at Mt. Hope soon were discontinued and worship was consolidated at the Chiques church.

In 1976—the nation’s bicentennial year—Chiques erected a two-story educational wing on the south side of the facility. During the 1990s the church added three additional rooms along the cemetery side of the building and a ramp at the front entrance to improve accessibility. In August 1995, the congregation appointed a Church Growth Committee “to examine options for future growth of the Chiques church.” Two years later, in May 1997, a Building Committee was formed. The $5.3 million facility that we occupy today is the fruit of more than a dozen years of planning and hard work by the committee.